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From the original Willys MB to the 2011 Grand Cherokee, the Jeep® brand has been the leader in 4x4 innovation and off-road capability for over 69 years. The proof is in our exclusive Trail Rated standard.
We test Jeep® 4x4s on the toughest trails in the world to prove one thing: They can take whatever you dish out. The Trail Rated® badge means that your Jeep 4x4 has been designed to perform in five categories of off-road conditions: traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording.

Traction in 4x4 is equivalent to grip on Asphalt. Trail Rated® traction helps you stay in control on untamed terrain, slippery (wet, mud, snow) conditions, and on steep grades.

Don't drag your belly through the mud—just clear nasty logs, rocks, and uneven ground without sustaining undercarriage damage. Jeep® Trail Rated® 4x4s feature optimized approach, departure, and breakover angles to keep you in the clear.

Athletic. Agile. Trail Rated®. Jeep® 4x4s have the footwork to navigate narrow gaps, dodge emergency situations and avoid cosmetic damage to underbody sills thanks to precision steering and optimized wheelbases. Even gazelles don't move like this.

A Trail Rated® suspension is limber like a gymnast. How exactly? Flexibility is the key to good articulation. The more a wheel can travel, or flex, the better it can maintain contact with terra firma and provide the traction needed to cross an array of obstacles.

Hit that riverbed with confidence. Trail Rated® Jeep® 4x4s feature additional electrical and body sealing, along with a high air intake location for optimum water fording capability. Note: Do not attempt water fording unless depth is known to be less than 19 inches.